There is a “over used” phrase about a person who “lights up a room”… but if it was ever used accurately, it would have to be directed at Marti Grande! From her contagious smile to her overflowing love for kids, you simply cant help but have a great time when she is on the scene. Doing what she loves for a living everyday, she brings a lot of excitement and energy to every occasion.

Marti is also a wonderful mom and understands the need to keep rates reasonable and painless so that you are able to enjoy your day financially as well.

She is not just “fun”, but she is also professional which guarantees that your event will be well planned out and run smoothly from the time your first guest knocks on the door until the last decoration is removed.

Having performed and planned hundreds of parties, every last detail is well thought out due to her past experiences.


Have an Adult Party or Event in mind?


You have come to the right place! Marti Enterprize works with top performers, actors, and comedians to compliment or showcase at any venue. The murder mystery events are an absolute blast and although they have been done by others, you haven’t enjoyed a murder mystery properly until you let Marti ask “who dunnit”?

Get your party organized by someone who loves planning and performing as much as you love watching your guests smile and enjoy themselves.

Call 732-692-0500 today to discuss your next event.

You will be glad you did!

Special note from Margaret Grande, aka “Marti the Clown”:

“Hello, I’m Margaret, but we will hopefully soon become friends, so please call me Marti! I would like to thank you in advance for your consideration for your next event. What started out as just an idea a long time ago has now become my life. I love making others smile, laugh, and most of all enjoy one another.

I never consider my job… “work” as I simply love what I do. I get to work with awesome kids and fun adults! What could be better than that?¬†

Most of my business comes from referrals from past guests, so I am fortunate to stay quite busy without a lot of marketing expense. This allows me to keep my rates reasonable so we all can just have a great time. I’ve been providing party services since 1995, so you can be sure that your event is in good hands !

Your event is special and so are your ideas. I never “dictate” what happens. I listen first, plan second. Its your day, so I will customize it to your objectives. Of course, I am full of suggestions, so it is easy and fun to get started. So… What are we waiting for? Simply contact me, say hi, and I will be in touch before you can say “Marti the Clown… light up the town!”

I look forward to speaking with you soon.”


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